Everyone has a “bucket list”- I have the opposite. I’m compiling this incredible list of experiences, places I’ve been & things I’ve seen and owned. It really helps me to appreciate the things I’ve been blessed with so far and I look forward to waking up every morning and adding things to it! I’ll update this list often so make sure you periodically check back!

  1. I’ve had a pool party in my living room.
  2. I flew on a private plane.
  3. I’ve made whole outfits.
  4. I went to a drag show.
  5. I rode a horse.
  6. I’ve been to strip clubs in 3 countries.
  7. I’ve drank a whole bottle of Patron.
  8. I had braces.
  9. I had dinner with Michael Jordan.
  10. I was on 2 reality shows.
  11. I’ve grown grass in my bedroom.
  12. I cried when Michael Jackson died.
  13. I’ve taken a pregnancy test.
  14. I’ve argued with a homeless person.
  15. I was the “SEA” Model of the Year.
  16. I touched the plane from the “Leave Me Alone” video.
  17. I’ve been in a car accident.
  18. I’ve taken a shower with another girl.
  19. I had a fish named Thriller.
  20. I was in a Kanye West video.
  21. I’ve slept outside in a tent.
  22. I’ve worked out until I threw up.
  23. I’ve been illustrated.
  24. I went to the circus.
  25. I’ve had a clothing line.
  26. I got a dog drunk.
  27. I’ve helped to produce a music video.
  28. I’ve danced on a bar.
  29. I ate bologna with the red plastic edge.
  30. I had Michael Jackson on my nails.
  31. I’ve spent my last dollar on a pair of shoes.
  32. I’ve driven on a suspended license.
  33. I had jury duty.
  34. I did the makeup for Paramore’s first video
  35. I’ve voted for the President of the United States.
  36. I’ve taken an AIDS test.
  37. I’ve given a lap dance.
  38. I’ve gotten a lap dance.
  39. I drank a energy drink called “Pussy”.
  40. I’ve peed outside.
  41. I dated a drummer.
  42. I’ve had a drink thrown in my face.
  43. I met Jesse Jackson.
  44. I was a radio personality.
  45. I dated someone younger than me.
  46. I went to Kinkos & the dollar store dressed like an alien.
  47. I left the country for a first date.
  48. I dated someone that lived in another country.
  49. I took off my pants in the club.
  50. I showed up at my mans house naked with a trench coat on.
  51. I did karaoke.
  52. I saw a baby being born.
  53. I graduated from college.
  54. I did a naked snow angel.
  55. I’ve gotten lost on the NYC subway alone.
  56. I have a God-kid named after me.
  57. I was a professional clown.
  58. I was a telemarketer.
  59. I’ve bartered for food stamps.
  60. I wore a lacefront.
  61. I had pink hair.
  62. I’ve driven a Ferrari.
  63. I prayed for big boobs.
  64. I’ve walked a runway.
  65. I’ve won a beer drinking contest.
  66. I own clothes from the Goodwill.
  67. I’ve won a tap water drinking contest.
  68. I’ve given someone my last dollar.
  69. I went without food for 16 days.
  70. I’ve bowled a strike with no fingers in the holes of the balls.
  71. I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  72. I took a picture with Big Ben.
  73. I wore a diaper to the club.
  74. I made a lasagna on camera with a French Maid costume on.
  75. I’ve out drank grown men.
  76. I’ve burned out a plug of my hair with a curling iron.
  77. I’ve eaten alligator.
  78. I’ve owned a diamond.
  79. I’ve picked a blackhead out of someone else’s skin.
  80. I’ve smoked a Cuban cigar.
  81. I lived in Nashville.
  82. I saw the Statue of Liberty.
  83. I won a bikini contest.
  84. I saw a movie on the biggest screen in the UK.
  85. I almost got arrested at customs in Canada.
  86. I got kicked out of a buffet in Jamaica for being inappropriately dressed.
  87. I’ve parasailed.
  88. I’ve wondered around Times Square.
  89. I’ve been on stage with Ludacris.
  90. I had a Patron Christmas tree.
  91. I’ve been to a Diddy party.
  92. I’ve driven a Bentley in a bikini.
  93. I learned how to drive a stick.
  94. I saw the Mona Lisa in person.
  95. I made paper from scratch.
  96. I’ve sewn in a whole weave.
  97. I’ve been in love.
  98. I’ve been a bridesmaid.
  99. I’ve done The Electric Slide.
  100. I’ve worn a shirt as a dress.
  101. I laughed until I cried.
  102. I’ve given myself a facial with aspirin.
  103. I’ve brushed my teeth with a washcloth.
  104. I went to Mexico twice in one year.
  105. I tried every flavor soda at the World of Coke.
  106. I threw up pistachios in the Denver, CO airport.
  107. I had my own calendar.
  108. I’ve given myself a French Manicure with white out.
  109. I have plants with names.
  110. I’ve hosted parties around the world.
  111. I’ve signed boobs.
  112. I went for a month without speaking to my mom.
  113. I’ve had on 3 pairs of fake eyelashes at once.
  114. I bowled with my little sister on my back.
  115. I lived in Pittsburgh.
  116. I fed a rooster a croissant.
  117. I got beads at Mardi Gras.
  118. I wore a whole dress made out of duct tape.
  119. I was the Statue of Liberty.
  120. I took a cruise to the Bahamas.
  121. I’ve serenaded someone Happy Birthday.
  122. I’ve been on stage with SouljaBoy.
  123. I’ve skied in Aspen.
  124. I’ve talked someone into getting a tattoo.
  125. I’ve spray glued an outfit on.
  126. I’ve caught a fish.
  127. I’ve grown plants from seeds.
  128. I’ve done the Master Cleanse.
  129. I went LIVE on Ustream for 24 hours.
  130. I made a swimsuit out of a pair of jeans.
  131. I’ve burned the roof of my mouth with cheese.
  132. I know all of the books in the Bible in order.
  133. I wore a germ mask for fun.
  134. I was on MediaTakeOut.
  135. I got thrown out of a club.
  136. I flashed on national TV.
  137. I did yoga.
  138. I went kickboxing.
  139. I attempted to teach my grandma how to “Crank that SouljaBoy”.
  140. I have a Chia Pet.
  141. I had a scavenger hunt on Twitter.
  142. I dated out of my race.
  143. I’ve held a human brain.
  144. I’ve given a pedicure.
  145. I met Rev. Al Sharpton.
  146. I skinny dipped in Cancun.
  147. I  drove an Aston Martin.
  148. I tried out for a professional football team.
  149. I got paid in beer.
  150. I’ve been baptized.
  151. I rode a mechanical bull.
  152. I jumped out of a birthday cake.
  153. I caught a frog out of a pool with a red plastic cup at a party.
  154. I played Blackjack in Vegas.
  155. I hit a pigeon.
  156. I ran away to California.
  157. I moved my left ear without touching it.
  158. I wrote my name in concrete.
  159. I drove a Maybach.
  160. I wrote a children’s book.
  161. I warmed up a sandwich with an iron.
  162. I touched Michael Jackson’s Hollywood star.
  163. I mud wrestled.
  164. I saw the Liberty Bell.
  165. I made a prank phone call.
  166. I broke a couch in half.
  167. I broke my toe.
  168. I was a ring card girl.
  169. I raised money for charity.
  170. I walked 3.1 miles to raise awareness for AIDS.
  171. I know all of the lyrics to Wu Tang’s “36 Chambers”.
  172. I went to DisneyLand.
  173. I rolled a blunt.
  174. I pole danced for fitness.
  175. I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.
  176. I attended a formal ball.
  177. I stood in the stairs where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech.
  178. I pulled my own tooth.
  179. I randomly bleached a patch of my hair.
  180. I raised a baby chicken.
  181. I won a foot race with a guy on a Segway dressed as an alien.
  182. I passed out turkeys for Thanksgiving.
  183. I photocopied my ass.
  184. I made coffee for Andre Harrell.