On Monday, March 7th, 2011, I will do the Master Cleanse aka Lemonade Diet again. This time for 10 days.


I did it last year starting out with the intention of doing 7 days. The first 3 days were hard. All I thought about was food but it seemed like once I got over the hump, it became easy! When I reached day 7, I decided to go for 10. When I reached 10, I decided to go for 14. When I got to 16, someone important to me at the time intervened. They called me “ANNIE-rexic” and kept saying “ANNIE are you OK… are you OK, ANNIE?” I went from 167 lbs to 152 in those 16 days & I promise you, I never felt better when I was on the cleanse. My mood & disposition towards things that would usually set me off were amazing. I had energy & a VERY clear head.

After the cleanse, food tasted completely different to me. I ate a tomato for the first time in 10 years (I’ve ALWAYS hated them) and it was delicious! It has been over a full year and I have not gained the weight back (I fluctuated between 151 and 157 lbs) but I am geared up to do the cleanse again, this time morso for its detox purposes. The cleanse is said to remove a year of damage with every 2 days you do it!

So you’re in? This is what you need to get:

  • 16oz bottle waters
  • lemons (you can use limes too)
  • grade B maple syrup (you can get it from Trader Joes, Whole Foods, ect…)
  • cayenne pepper pills (I get them from Walmart for $3 or you can use the powder)
  • sea salt
  • smooth move laxative tea
  • green and/or peppermint tea (optional)

Each 16 oz bottle represents 2- 8 oz servings.

Each serving is 8 oz water, 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1-2 tbsp grade B maple syrup & 95,000 HU (about 1/10 tsp if you use the powder or 2.5 pills). You need to drink no less than 6 & no more than 12 servings a day. If you decide to use the pills like me you MAY want to take them ONE AT A TIME… otherwise it feels like Satan himself has come down from the pits of hell to light little bonfires in your stomach. All bad.

Each day of the Master Cleanse starts out with a sea salt flush. I will not play you. This part sucks salty water balls. You take 32 oz of the warmest tap water you can drink & mix it with 2 tsp of sea salt & drink. Make NO plans for at least a hour & stay near a toilet. Because there is no fiber in your diet during the Master Cleanse & your body is collecting toxins, you have to force their release… this is what the sea salt does. Usually your body pushes what registers as liquid into your bladder, but since the salty water is the same density as your blood, it pushes it into your stomach, colon & thru your small & large intestine… and RIGHT back out. TRUST ME. When you feel ANY kind of pressure, GO TO THE BATHROOM. Prepare your servings of the lemonade for the day. Don’t make a huge batch ahead of time. Lemon juice is most effective when its freshly squeezed.

The smooth move tea is to be consumed before bed each night… it helps your body to start preparing for the sea salt.

In addition to your 6-12 servings of lemonade, you can have equal amounts of water. You can also have unsweetened peppermint and green tea (limit it to about 1/2 of the amount of your lemonade consumption).

There is A LOT of information out there on the Master Cleanse… check out & here are a few fun facts:

  • Stanley Burroughs invented the Master Cleanse in 1941
  • Lemons are the richest source of vitamins & minerals of any of the foods  known to man

Still down? If I haven’t scared you off & you’ve got the willpower leave me a comment to know that you are in it with me! Be sure to include your Twitter so we can check on each other!


135 comments to THE MASTER CLEANSE

  • mellrose

    i have done it myself and im starting back on monday this time im doing it for 3 weeks lets see how it works out

  • K.Alexandra

    I know Im hella late but Im going to start in the morning. Better late than never. I also convinced my cousin to join in on the fun

  • My question is how to not gain the weight back after?

  • Ok i know that im hellah late and all, but i will do this. Starting this monday march 28. I have hardly no willpower so to be able to do this will be great physically and mentally. The weight loss will definitely be a major plus. I will @ u on twitter about once a day to tell u my progress.

    Twitter: @MzIndie

  • Helana

    Im starting today! Im really eager to see if I can last

  • I did this last year. You just motivated me to do it again! @chronicheaven

  • Bleudeuce93

    I’m sooooo late! How did it go? I did this for 10 days on ’09 and felt great after, but lacking the motivation to get started again….

  • Barbie


    Thanks for all of the tips. I recently started the cleanse.

    Drinking the salt water makes me nauseous. Any tips on controlling that?


  • Valerie

    Question: What if you have medicines that you absolutely have to take for a medical condition?

    Also, does this have any side effects like your skin breaking out or bad breath? I hear some people mention that your body goes through changes during a cleanse because you pulling out the toxins.

    Let me know.


  • Oh can do you still exercise and engage in normal activities while doing this?

  • pooh


  • I have tried it before and yes it works … YOu have to be really into wanting to loose weight. Loosing weight is more mental than many people think. But we all should cleanse often anyway … the next time u see someone with a real big belly – just think – they are full of $hit.

  • I’m in!!! @NiahNicole ❤

  • RiahMUA

    I’m considering doing this but can you still excersice while doing this? And you cant eat any food at all? So when can you eat food and how is it possible you wont gain it back?

  • I am trying this today! I am going on a cruise in 30-days && want to see how this cleanse works! And By the way you are gorgeous!!

  • Angela mcelroy

    Can I still workout everyday while doing this?

  • I’m going to start tomorrow. I’m excited and nervous.

  • Kellee

    Okay I have heard about this for years and it’s benefits. So Cristal you have inspired me to try it and make it through a entire week.

  • We fully appreciate your site post. You can find dozens of techniques we could put it to decent use by means of minimal effort on time and money. Thank you very much regarding helping have the post answer many questions we have come across before now.

  • Heaven

    Can you please upload a video or pictures of how you exactly make the drink & use the pills so we know what we are doing is right LOL thank you.

  • E. W. Jones

    I’m down Cristal.. see ya in March! @myysmile

  • E. W. Jones

    1/8/12 rather… Can’t wait! @myysmile

  • Shaciera

    Cristal, I’m in with you on this one for 2012! My twitter is @HereSheGo. Lemme eat all the holiday mac n cheese and baked chicken I can now! :) Good Luck!

  • I’ve heard about it several times just have never tried. but tomorrow i will start this.. IM READY

  • @Ravicita

    Its amazing how God puts the right people and things in your sight at the right time! I was just sitting here eating birthday cake and saying how I need to stop right here and right now and do something about my eating habits and how I need something to help me kick start on the right path. Not a diet, but a lifestyle change. And I hardly ever check twitter but “Blame Cristal” (literally)! Her tweet caught my eye and has truly motivated me. Love this girl and everything she stands for! I’m in!

  • Kristie

    @mslit73. I’m in, when do we start?

  • Joy

    Is it safe to workout/run while doing the cleanse?

  • Kila

    Soo I just tried to start the cleanse this morning….i couldn’t even stomach the salt water. I literally have been throwing up every cup. smh. I wish I could get through this…i haven’t even tasted the actual lemonade yet. This may be a fail for me. I’m so disappointed.

  • Breanna H.

    Today’s the first day of my master cleanse and I’m feeling great already, I’m aiming for 15 days for weight loss and detox purposes! Want to start the new years off healthy. I really appreciate the information you are giving about this program. So cross your fingers ! Peace & Love!

  • Jasmine

    So are you saying you can not do this if you are on birth control?

  • Kay C

    Im doing the Master Cleanse for the second time in a year, i felt great after the first time. One thing I noticed, it’s better to do it with someone for support. Hoping to go for 10 tens this time, after the ten we will see what will happen

  • Kay C

    Im doing the Master Cleanse for the second time in a year, i felt great after the first time. One thing I noticed, it’s better to do it with someone for support. Hoping to go for 10 days this time, after the ten we will see what will happen

  • johnnymac

    well. i tried it the first time today. and i failed miserably. but im putting my boots back on and im goin all in tomorrow. i will not let this hunger and mind tricks get me …i got this.!!!

  • Lizzy

    Im into my 4th day@ Im going for ten, but will do 14 if I can. The salt water flush is yuck, but what I do, is squeeze some lemmon into it, and its better. :D

  • Rico Davine

    Master cleanse detoxification diet is also called as lemonade diet and maple syrup diet. It is a liquid dieting formula that involves the intake of special liquid foods’;:“

    Yours truly

  • Amanda

    So im thinking of starting the master cleanse because im 21 and have 3 children so ive very over weight. my only problem is i have classes at 9 am and your suppose to drink the salt water in the AM and it makes you have to run to the toilet..Does this last all day? hours? (if so how many) and does this happen as long as your on the cleanse so is it just the beginning… Im very eager to get started but i dont want to be in class and crap myself lolll. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

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  • Edward Augspurger

    In our home we have lots of lemons planted on the backyard that is why i always do some at-home lemonade diet. ,

    Hottest blog post on our own web site

  • Aservant

    Wow! Funny I ran across this right after I mixed some up. I used Organic Lemon & Cayenne Pepper/Grade B Syrup/ and bottled water. My homegirl did it for 2 weeks and lost 15lbs in the first week. It works > I tryed it in ’09 & now I’m back on it. *Praying its a success. I’ve got access baggage & its gotta go.

  • Delicia Bush

    I’m Starting Jan.1st… I can’t wait!!!

  • Delicia Bush

    twitter name. @leciababii

  • Darresha

    @mshudson2 on twitter I am thing about start master cleanse but I am nerves

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