On Monday, March 7th, 2011, I will do the Master Cleanse aka Lemonade Diet again. This time for 10 days.


I did it last year starting out with the intention of doing 7 days. The first 3 days were hard. All I thought about was food but it seemed like once I got over the hump, it became easy! When I reached day 7, I decided to go for 10. When I reached 10, I decided to go for 14. When I got to 16, someone important to me at the time intervened. They called me “ANNIE-rexic” and kept saying “ANNIE are you OK… are you OK, ANNIE?” I went from 167 lbs to 152 in those 16 days & I promise you, I never felt better when I was on the cleanse. My mood & disposition towards things that would usually set me off were amazing. I had energy & a VERY clear head.

After the cleanse, food tasted completely different to me. I ate a tomato for the first time in 10 years (I’ve ALWAYS hated them) and it was delicious! It has been over a full year and I have not gained the weight back (I fluctuated between 151 and 157 lbs) but I am geared up to do the cleanse again, this time morso for its detox purposes. The cleanse is said to remove a year of damage with every 2 days you do it!

So you’re in? This is what you need to get:

  • 16oz bottle waters
  • lemons (you can use limes too)
  • grade B maple syrup (you can get it from Trader Joes, Whole Foods, ect…)
  • cayenne pepper pills (I get them from Walmart for $3 or you can use the powder)
  • sea salt
  • smooth move laxative tea
  • green and/or peppermint tea (optional)

Each 16 oz bottle represents 2- 8 oz servings.

Each serving is 8 oz water, 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1-2 tbsp grade B maple syrup & 95,000 HU (about 1/10 tsp if you use the powder or 2.5 pills). You need to drink no less than 6 & no more than 12 servings a day. If you decide to use the pills like me you MAY want to take them ONE AT A TIME… otherwise it feels like Satan himself has come down from the pits of hell to light little bonfires in your stomach. All bad.

Each day of the Master Cleanse starts out with a sea salt flush. I will not play you. This part sucks salty water balls. You take 32 oz of the warmest tap water you can drink & mix it with 2 tsp of sea salt & drink. Make NO plans for at least a hour & stay near a toilet. Because there is no fiber in your diet during the Master Cleanse & your body is collecting toxins, you have to force their release… this is what the sea salt does. Usually your body pushes what registers as liquid into your bladder, but since the salty water is the same density as your blood, it pushes it into your stomach, colon & thru your small & large intestine… and RIGHT back out. TRUST ME. When you feel ANY kind of pressure, GO TO THE BATHROOM. Prepare your servings of the lemonade for the day. Don’t make a huge batch ahead of time. Lemon juice is most effective when its freshly squeezed.

The smooth move tea is to be consumed before bed each night… it helps your body to start preparing for the sea salt.

In addition to your 6-12 servings of lemonade, you can have equal amounts of water. You can also have unsweetened peppermint and green tea (limit it to about 1/2 of the amount of your lemonade consumption).

There is A LOT of information out there on the Master Cleanse… check out & here are a few fun facts:

  • Stanley Burroughs invented the Master Cleanse in 1941
  • Lemons are the richest source of vitamins & minerals of any of the foods  known to man

Still down? If I haven’t scared you off & you’ve got the willpower leave me a comment to know that you are in it with me! Be sure to include your Twitter so we can check on each other!


135 comments to THE MASTER CLEANSE

  • shatoya

    Ok im down, i tried this on my own and i couldnt get poass the 1st 3days. Now that i had my baby, i have to drop a few pounds and plus i want to cleanse my body so i have motivation now. So im down, lol. so @mstoya85 is my twitter, ima need the motivation. lol

  • My name on twitter is @luxemonster last time I did the cleanse I lost 15lbs I want to get rid of all my waste and toxins so I am going to aim higher this time. I always set the goal for 40 days but never make it :(

  • mercedes

    I’m in! @MercedesMarie

  • Nitra

    40 days!? Oh he’ll no lol I’ve did 11 days strictly for detox purposes. Felt good the whole time and always had energy! Never even weighed myself before or after. Tried to do it 2 more times and couldn’t get passed day 3. It’s really a mind control thing lol and must be dedicated. I’m def gonna try again with you!
    @alwaysnitra! Good luck everyone!

  • I’m down! My twitter is @MacStephanton – i’ve tried it before but couldnt get past the first couple days because of the taste, headaches and crankiness, but i’m determined to try again now!

  • I’m definitely down!!! My twitter name is @loverasheeda

  • this is a GREAT idea for empowerment and especially with educating one another about wellness and total health. count me IN :) @kristensmith. blessings

  • Chi

    @blknazndoll i plan to join as well gonna have to be focused on this one

  • stylistviKwells

    I’m in! Gotta stay focused tho cause I am not to sure if I’m ready plus I’ve nvr dun this type of detoxing before, but I need to lose the toxins & weight. @stylistviKwells

    I’m sure its much similar to fasting so I am anxious. I’m all for getting closer to God. Cleanliness is nxt to godliness.

  • Naeemah

    I’m def in…. it’s been awhile! @naeemahjade

  • Shannon s

    I’m in let’s do this @shannondior

  • I tried once like 2 yrs ago on my own don’t think I made it 3 days smh but I’ve been wanting to do it again and be dedicated so this may just be that time so I’m so down … I followed your first go … I was glad someone intervened too you were going in lol… my goal is 14 days.
    - @AviDetails

  • I tried once like 2 yrs ago on my own don’t think I made it 3 days smh but I’ve been wanting to do it again and be dedicated so this may just be that time so I’m so down … I followed your first go … I was glad someone intervened too you were going in lol… my goal is 14 days.
    - @AviDetails

  • Kiki

    I’m in! Looking forward to doing this with a group. I did this last year and the further you get into it the easier it gets. -@ConsultK

  • Pinky

    Ok so I’ve been wanted to try this again for awhile now. I think the 1st time I did it, I didn’t last 2days. With a forum of people out there to support me, I think I can do it. Sign is me up boo! I wanna detox and lose a couple pounds in the process. My energy level is horrible. LET’S GET IT!!

  • Yuri

    I’m in with you! Gettin my list of ingredients tomorrow. morning :)

  • Yuri

    @yanezyuri. —–oops forgot my twitter name

  • Katianajxo

    I’m down !!!! Ive tried this once . And didn’t get past day one. I love u crystal ur a role model to women of all ages . I’m excited to start this adventure with u :)

  • Katianajxo


  • Ive been wanting to do the master cleanse for a while. Not to lose weight but to be healthier. So ill stat with you next monday. However I’d be EXTRA motivated to do it with a twitter follow back?? #shameless lol

  • Steve

    I’m dowm It’s nice to find others who are interested as well. I will be starting tomorrow 3/9/2011. The salt water appears to be the worst part.


  • Jess

    I need you to keep me encouraged and motivated!!! I’m soooooo ready to lose this weight! Twitter @JESSSWRIGHT

  • hey miss! I was gonna go to LA next week but I rather lose weight and be healthy instead of losing money out there lol so I’m in! :) Twitter @Manda_Geee

  • Diandra

    I’m all in! Hopefully I can get thru this with everyone else as a support system…keep me motivated guys! @Lady_Larsiny07

  • Pharrah

    Okay, so I remember when you tweeted about it last year and the wonders it did. I attempted it last July before my trip to Puerto Rico. Didn’t make it past day 1! No bueno. I’m ready this time. I know its all in my head. I wanna drop about 10lbs and definitely want to detox. I eat a lot of bullshit. I work now so I think it will be easier and motivating to see others tweet their progress. I’m in. @PrettyEyesPJ

  • Katrina

    I’m down. I did this a couple of years back. Day 1, I felt bad because I broke down & had (6) cheetos! Lmbo! After day 2, I was good. Ended up doing it for 12 days. However, this time… I will definitely have to take some acidophilis pills to restore the good bacteria, afterwards. I’m curious to know if you still work out while cleansing? I’m going to start next Monday, though. @aliltwitofthis

  • Rosavetta

    Heyy!!! me and my girls all are going on it .. wish us all a luck ! @vettamylove

  • Tiffany

    Im in!! I did it once last year for 8 days strictly for detox purposes but the weight loss was a super sweet bonus…I need some support this go round since I already know what I’m in for lol…so thanks for so much for gathering a support system up to do this TOGETHER! You rock! @T_Poin

  • bebe

    Hey I’m bebe and I would love to do the master cleanse with you ladies I have never done it but I would love to be able to hold up a month.

  • Tina

    Okay im going to try it again too. I didnt make it past day 3 lol. @millimebobina :)

  • bebe

    my girl bri introduced me to this site, my twitter is @iluvmesumziyu.

  • TexanBelle

    I’m still on the fence, but leaning more to joining…I’m curious about the experience and all that I’ve heard. Plus, who’s mad at dropping a few pounds?

  • I’m starting the cleanse with you! I’ve attempted in the past but was doing it alone and didn’t have the will power to keep it going. I’m excited to try again!

  • Ok… Trip to the grocery store coming asap, I’m down for the cause. BUT this is gonna cause for quite the reward afterwards

  • Aubrey

    Im ready Cristal……im ready to detox and get this body right!!!!

  • Brandy Nicole

    Omg! Im mad excited to start…although I know I’ll be singing a different tune by next Wednesday!!! Lets gets it ladies! Can’t be letting these chicks show us up this summer!!! Lol! My twitter name is @_brandynicole !!!

  • ***Hey Cristal can I still do Master Cleanse and work out? Im scared to have no energy at all because I’m not eating. Please let me know. This is the only thing holding me back #blamecristal MUAH!

  • i’m doing it! i don’t think i’ll make it past the first day. but i’m going to try. weeee
    twitter: @solhee

  • TeShay W

    Im in my twitter @87DollFace getting everything tonight so excited!!!

  • shibari blaqq

    up and at ‘em. I’m dwn. @shibarithablaqq ;)

  • Debs_pov

    I’m in as well! Good luck ladies =) @debs_pov

  • Bright Eyez

    I really need to do this detox so I’m in. Getting my ingredients in the morning! @BE_StaSia

  • TexanBelle

    So I have a couple of questions. If anyone has any answers, please respond :)

    1. Should I make a batch of lemonade for the day or just by serving? I’m concerned because of the whole enzyme issue & wasting lemons.

    2. On average, how many bowel movements should I expect throughout the day? Should I get ready to make a bee-line to the bathroom after every serving I drink?

    (I ask the latter because I do work 8a-5p and I know my co-workers are gonna be like: Oh hell, she in the bathroom again?! LOL)

  • Jasmine Okokhere


    I really want AND need to participate. But I just started this new job last week and still adjusting. Please let me know when you are doing it again. Good luck to you all!

    My twitter name is @jazzyjaz2009

  • I’m in. Going for 21 days. Let’s see how long I make it!

  • @TexanBelle

    In my past experience making the lemonade as you go is better. Mixing the lemon juice and syrup will preserve the enzymes. Only add the water when you will be drinking the lemonade. Doing it this way will not waste lemons seeing that any mix can be used later. Any bowel movement should only be made after the sea salt flush, you may urinate frequently from all the liquid.

  • TexanBelle

    Thank you Kiki! I’m sitting here (getting ready for work) and I can’t even get past this SWF….OMG!!!! This is horrible. I wonder if I can get by using laxative tablets in the morning instead?


  • Dominique

    Im in know im a lil late but hey better late than never… Twitter name @costarhairimage….

  • @TannekaNicole

    I am IN! I plan on starting this weekend, giving myself some time to adjust to this process at home so I’ll know how to manage it while Im at work. This should be interesing. I tried it ONCE on my own and never made it past the first day, but this time, I’m determined! Good luck to everyone :)

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