We all laugh when we see the man with the 8 strands of hair he has decided to strap back & forth in attempts to cover what is now a bald head. I’m sure at some point he had a full head of hair… but now he doesn’t… & homie, you’re not fooling anyone. We all think “wouldn’t be me”… but we all do it.

We’ve all held on to what little bit we have left over after the majority has left. We tell ourselves something is better than nothing & we often savor the leftovers more than the meal. We hold on. We hope that no one notices. We fail to realize the scarceness of our HAVES emphasizes the of deficit our HAVE NOTS. We become victims of our own delusion.

THE EMOTIONAL COMBOVER is especially hard for me because not only am I a card carrying member of The Hair Club for Men… LOL, I’m the president. I, however chose today to free myself from remnants. I’m letting go of what I don’t have. I’m setting the comb down & picking up the clippers. I will forever keep the strands that I’m left to remove… not on my head, but in a scrapbook… where memories belong.



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