I am the queen of trying something new. Last year, I tried the Master Cleanse for the first time. I stopped eating & drank fancy lemonade for 16 days. Afterwards, everything I ate tasted completely different then I remembered. It intrigued me to try some things I previously disliked… & to my surprise, after 27 years of hating tomatoes, I now liked them! Truth is, tomatoes never did anything to me. They didn’t make me sick, I’m not allergic, I tried them… didn’t like them… wrote them off forever. I wondered if they truly tasted differently or if I tasted a bad one… or in the wrong situation… or my pallet was underdeveloped the last time I had one many years ago. Needless to say, I’m glad I gave them a new chance.

This made me think… what else am I missing out on because the old me disliked? How often do we reconsider things we once shunned or do we spend the rest of our lives sticking with notions we conceived when we were different people? How many of us are still scared of the Boogie Man? What fears do you harbor, but are no longer afraid of? How many OLD TRICKS are making NEW PUSSIES out of us?

I think about how my perspective on so many things has changed over the years… so I made a list of things & ideas I’d written off… I’m revisiting them with an open mind. No more telling myself what I don’t like until I give things a fresh chance… & in turn giving MYSELF a fresh chance.

What OLD will you give NEW chance?


10 comments to OLD TRICK, NEW PUSSY

  • Nkmi

    Great outlook Cris!

  • Jana

    Awesome analogy!!! Love this!

  • Love the saying. I really enjoyed your perspective on this, Cristal. You’ve encouraged to revisit some things I’ve written off as well. Thanks!

  • This post was really good! I like your writing style. Nice blog…

  • This is not exactly the same thing but, years ago, my grandma(mama’s mama) was cooking Chittlings. I was sure that they tasted nasty, because they smelled nasty as they we being cooked. My mama, told me to jus’ try some of them, because I’d never tasted them before, long story-short…I’ve been eating them every since then. Also, something funny happened a while ago. I have a smalled portable TV that picks up some channels that we don’t get with DirecTV(which we’ve had since March). Anyway, I turned the portable TV on after dinner, jus’ to see what was on, low & behold This Time, the short film in which you had a small role was on…funny coincidence. PEACE!!!

  • The master cleanse or lemonade diet is a type of juice fast. A fast cleanses the body and resets your taste buds so that you like healthier foods. Some foods with lots of grease and salt ruin your tastes in healthy foods.

    Beyonce lost 2o pounds in 10 days with the master cleanse lemonade diet. That is quite an accomplishment that you can brag about– 16 days on the master cleanse. I have done a fast on just water for 22 days and I was not overweight.

    But I started out by eating only grapes (grape fast or grape cure) for 11 days since that is supposed to be very cleansing and a cure for cancer. I did not have cancer but was testing the cleansing effects. Then I did a fast on just water for 11 days. They were similar. Have you heard about the preventative effects of vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) on breast Make sure to keep exploring different things.

  • Sorry I meant to say preventative effects of vitamin D on breast cancer. Moores Cancer Center proposes that cancer is a vitamin D deficiency. The RDA of vitamin D was tripled in 2010. Doctor of Pubic Health, I mean Doctor Public Health, Cedric Garland, says that enough vitamin D will virtualy eradicate breast cancer. Cleanses like the master cleanse reduce your chances of getting cancer.

  • Zem

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  • I never used to like ham or garden peas. Conversely I no longer like cream soda. I think you pallet changes over the years.

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