I’ve walked, volunteered, & fundraised for breast cancer for years & never really has a story… Until this year… I lost my husband to breast cancer. No need to RIP, because he never died. Shit he never proposed. Let me explain.

I’m the girl that never imagined herself married… Who couldn’t fathom a man I’d consider spending my life with and let alone him feeling the same… until I met him… on a whim on a random Tuesday in November of 2010. He was everything I’d ever imagined & best of all, he felt the same about me. He made me feel like greatness. Like potential. Like everything I hadn’t accomplished was attainable & everything I had was success.

And then his mom got diagnosed… and her disease was our divorce. All in all, I learned a very important lesson: You don’t have to be infected to be affected.

So this year, on October 29, 2011 I will walk in remembrance of the way he made me feel, for a cure for the disease that destroyed our potential, & for his mom & all of the strong women & men that have survived what I hope no one else will have to endure the pain of losing anyone or anything else to.

Fuck cancer. Join me in the fight.


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  • Cristal,

    I find myself deeply moved by you candor and openness. Throughout your career I have admittedly admired your beauty as well as your antics and up in til now all I was exposed to was an attractive woman doing some wild s@#t. Now I able to catch a glimpse of who you really are, and not that my opinions matter…but I like the view and I would enjoy seeing more. I hope you recapture the pleasure you lost. I use the word pleasure and not joy because as I’m sure you know, nothing should be allowed reign over your joy. With the exception of God and well that’s it. I respect your desire to commemorate the love you lost. I also wish you infinite joy, immovable peace, and much deserved happiness where ever you rest your gaze… Finally, just so that you know I’m truly listening and paying attention I’ll end my note with you customary salutation… Peace, love, and Glitter Gloves… Long Live The King…

  • That is a great saying. Did you make it up? “You don’t have to be infected to be affected.” With all the new information on fighting breast cancer, I think that it will be beat. Research shows that drinking green tea will reduce chances of getting cancer and getting Alzheimer’s disease. It helps people to lose excess weight as a side effect. The thanine in it counterats the effects of the caffeine in it.

    Also exercise reduces chances of getting it and so does losing excess bodyfat. Although vitamin D is still the most powerful anticancer agent. Dr Oz has a video about it. Also Christiane Northrup MD has best selling books on women’s health. She has a webpage about vitamin D preventing breast cancer on the Oprah Winfrey website.

  • I’m SORRY the loss of the one that you cared so deeply about, & who felt the same way about you. Maybe my words will help you buddy:


    Loss is a terrible thing,
    I’ve lost family members & friends,
    Using words my emotions I’ll release,
    In hope of achieving some inner peace.

    I lost a family member today,
    Of the canine persuasion,
    In years she’d only been with us five,
    But for now I feel a little less alive.

    I’ve lost lifelong friends,
    Which is also hard on my heart,
    And hard for my mind to grasp,
    As I think of the time I saw or talked to them last.

    Today I lost my baby,
    She went to her Heavenly home,
    Loss is a terrible thing,
    But from my heart her spot will never be gone.

    Nov. 3, 2007

    I wrote it the day that Roxi died. Although Roxi was a dog(Rottweiler), I think the these words apply to the feeling of loss in general. PEACE!!!

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The police task force to attend to work for several days and nights of fatigue, too late to take a breath, and rushed drove Xuyong Jiangmen town, around 鍐椋?whereabouts social relations and carry out comprehensive Mopai that, Feng Feifei, male, aged 27, xuyong Jiangmen county town, through a lot of investigation Mopai Speed 鈥嬧€婹iangduo further identified the arrested suspect is Feng Feifei decisively gave the order to grab thieves, [url=][b]White Straight Leg Diesel WAYKEE 0604U 100% Cotton Jeans[/b][/url], Salt, Shenzhen two yuan a pack, the Hong Kong Supermarket 1.1 Hong Kong dollars. Rejoice 750ml, 39 yuan in Shenzhen, Hong Kong 30 Hong Kong dollars. Fuji apple, Shenzhen 6 yuan a pound, five Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong. This set of figures in the micro- Bo forwarded on up to 4,000 times, but also triggered a broad discussion netizens. Reporters on the microblogging see, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong shopping malls high degree of attention to a current, more than 2,000 fans of the congregation Mini shopping trip ticket to Hong Kong, Dress autumn and winter clothing with the influx of woman secret weapon! Filled with ethnic style dress, waist handling nicely highlights your good posture; filled with a different kind of noble temperament sexy long legs, so you infinite charm! At the moment a womans self-confidence as volcanic eruptions like, men can not resist the temptation! Plus a little black jacket, European and American style star full range of children!, Online shopping is nothing new in this century, e-commerce retail market has developed rapidly in just a few years, of course, attracted the attention businesses, e-commerce market in the enclosure have to pull users. The online shoppers mainly young fashion crowd. Features of this crowd is like fresh, the pursuit of individuality. Most e-commerce sites are advertised lower their prices, apparently cheap has been insufficient to stimulate consumer desire to buy it. Data showed that: 75% of online shoppers are not attracted by low prices in the purchase of goods, but was conquered by the product new and beautiful. When businesses are in a price war in the melee, only the introduction of new ideas to choose Deus Ex wheat bags ideas in this battle is undoubtedly bright spots: sell creative! Cute pet, readily graffiti, poetic mood, and even a song Imagination can make bags. Wheat bags of merchandise has its own style, very different from those popular, anyone can buy goods at high street stores. It can be said that some weird, tricky, but often bright spots, heart of a dynamic of its own brand of wheat bags filled space, romantic, etc., and dozens of domestic and international sales agent brand, product style are fashion, novelty, attracted many 2035-year-old fashion family. Usually like to buy different packages to fun with clothes or mood, not only is the personality of the show, but also to strengthen the self-consciousness. A senior wheat told reporters, I actually bought a bag made of Jays songs in wheat bags, let me friends and colleagues looked very trendy., Yesterday, the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center saw a second-hand luxury goods stores, store displays a variety of second-hand leather goods, mainly LV, Gucci, Chanel and other top international big names, mostly 48 into a new, relatively approachable. For example, a brown LV bucket bag, authentic to the store to buy a new 8000 yuan, more than 3000 yuan can buy in the store to the new owner of a 7-Ho introduced the store sold second-hand luxury goods are sold on consignment nature, generally is a product of the original owner to idle bags, leather goods sent behalf of the selling commission. After the transaction, the store owner to receive 15% of the original commission of 17%, such as not sell, it will be returned to the original owners, the store will be closing point storage fee hunters buyers are mostly white-collar workers

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