I’ve walked, volunteered, & fundraised for breast cancer for years & never really has a story… Until this year… I lost my husband to breast cancer. No need to RIP, because he never died. Shit he never proposed. Let me explain.

I’m the girl that never imagined herself married… Who couldn’t fathom a man I’d consider spending my life with and let alone him feeling the same… until I met him… on a whim on a random Tuesday in November of 2010. He was everything I’d ever imagined & best of all, he felt the same about me. He made me feel like greatness. Like potential. Like everything I hadn’t accomplished was attainable & everything I had was success.

And then his mom got diagnosed… and her disease was our divorce. All in all, I learned a very important lesson: You don’t have to be infected to be affected.

So this year, on October 29, 2011 I will walk in remembrance of the way he made me feel, for a cure for the disease that destroyed our potential, & for his mom & all of the strong women & men that have survived what I hope no one else will have to endure the pain of losing anyone or anything else to.

Fuck cancer. Join me in the fight.


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