Check out the #blameCRISTAL t-shirts after the jump

Welcome to #BLAMECRISTAL.com
Seat belts, please

Custom Shirt by T. Ball {www.tballtees.com}
Photos by Jarek James {www.jarekjames.com}


9 comments to WELCOME TO #BLAMECRISTAL !!!

  • Hampton

    Congrats on your new site. Much luck to you getting blamed by others. :-)

  • Love your site, beautiful!

  • LegendaryPYT

    YAYYYY Awesome…. I’ve been waiting for this !!! .. it looks great :) and we can #blamecristal for that ;)

  • Hello Cristal. I glad you got your site up and running. Congratulations. I believe you will keep things very interesting and fun here just like you do on twitter.com. Anyway, keep being you. I hope all you want in life comes true and I’ll be visiting here often. Long Live The King. Peace, Love, and Glitter Gloves.

  • SoBossy

    Cristal, I love your tweets, and now I love the #blamecristal site! I’m starting om my own life list, but yours seems way more interesting. I think that’s because you were, well, honest! Anyway great idea. Thanks, Chica!

  • ur shirt is to die for! awww i want tball to do one for me…i cant wait til he gets his site up & running! love love love the look of ur site so far;glad to #blamecristal for great raw talent! :)

  • FI_ICK Crystal

    Damn, u couldnt photoshop them cavities and that crusty ass finger on your homepage? #fail

  • Eljin

    You’re so successful and gorgeous.
    And I KNOW for a fact that you smell amazing.
    Congratulations, ma’am!

  • Eljin

    Your hair is so gorgeous. SERIOUSLY.

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